Wanhao D7 1.5

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Wanhao Developer 7  1.5


This printer is ideal for starting in 3D printing. For hobby or small business. 
There is a lot of information available on internet:

For production or intensive use you need a 3d printer in a different class, contact us for more information.

Including: 250ml Resin, Fep foil and software.

  • Brand:WANHAO
  • Type:SLA DLP
  • Modelnummer:D7
  • Max printing speed:30mm/hour
  • Primary attributes of the technology:UV resin, DLP 3D printer
  • Max printable area:120*68*200mm(L*W*H)
  • Resin Type:405nm uv resin
  • Software:Creation Workshop
  • Resolusion:2560*1440
  • Accuracy:Z: 0.004mm
  • Layer Thickness:0.035-0.5mm


The best resins for this Wanhao D7 : 

  • FunToDo Standard Blend
  • FunToDo Industrial Blend
  • FunToDo Snowwhite
  • FunToDo Castable
  • FunToDo Dentifix-3D High

FunToDo Deepblack and the FunToDo F1+ (Formlabs) series don't work well on the D7. 




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