Taulman 680 FDA 1.75mm

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Taulman 680 FDA

   Nylon 680 is at a minimum an FDA CAS Reg. No. 51995-62-1 6/69 Nylon developed and tested to meet 21CFR177.1500 / 21CFR177.1395. 

            The first unique property of Nylon 680 is it's specific development for FFF 3D Printing.  Commodity FDA nylons are prone to a phenomena known as "clumping" or inconsistent viscosity during the 3D Printing extrusion process.  This inconsistent viscosity will always leave 3D Printed parts with random gaps and in some cases loss of bonding contact to the previous layer.  Nylon 680 is specifically designed to completely eliminate this problem, making the 3D Printing process as seamless as printing many other polymers now in use.  The next major improvement comes in Nylon 680's ability to handle the high temperatures of boiling water, steam and dishwater usage.  While some nylons will deteriorate to the point of being unusable, parts made of Nylon 680 can stand insertion into boiling water and only need to be dried to return to use.

            Nylon 680 Specifications:
Tensile Strength = 4,686PSI +
Modulus PSI =28,634
Max Elongation at break = 226%
Print Temperature = 250C - 255C
Nozzle size = Any
Print Bed =
            Cold = BuildTak with coat of PVA
            Hot = Glass heated to 50C with coat of PVA
(PVA is 20% water  and 80% "Elmers Glue All - or equivalent")
Shrinkage = 0.006   in/in
Transmission = ~70%



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